How long does a bottle of VIVID last?

It obviously depends on a) how much tattoo coverage you have and b) how often you use VIVID.

For someone with medium coverage (2 sleeves + a chest piece for example) who uses VIVID 1-2 times per day, the 4 oz bottle should last between 90-120 days.

For someone with full upper body coverage and daily use, we expect a bottle to last about 60 days.

A little goes a long way when it comes to the natural oils in our formulation :)

How long does shipping take?

We ship these bottles out quickly.

Orders from the United States generally take just 3-5 days from when you order until they arrive at your door.

International orders naturally take longer and there’s more variance in shipping times as well.

Generally, you’ll get your bottle between 7-21 days of ordering anywhere in the UK or EU.

Who pays custom duties?

Depending on where you live, there may be a customs charge to accept the package.

Unfortunately, we cannot currently cover those costs as they vary by country and we service tattoo lovers all over the world.

Customers in the United Kingdom and Germany especially should be aware that there likely will be an additional customs charge on your order.

Thank you for your understanding.

Does VIVID restore vibrancy in old tattoos?

Yes, absolutely.

However, you have to be realistic about what a skin care product can & can’t do.

If you’re tattoos have faded significantly already, taking proper care of your skin will only help so much. Unfortunately, VIVID won’t make old and faded tattoos look new again. That’s just the reality of it.

Why use VIVID instead of lotion?

Most lotions suck.

They a) do nothing for your skin’s long-term health and b) oftentimes contain toxic chemical ingredients that disrupt your endocrine system.

VIVID on the other hand, contains a balanced mix of healthy natural oils that your body uses to repair skin cells.

Not only that, but some of our ingredients are full of powerful anti-oxidants too.

Think of lotions as a fast food meal vs VIVID as a balanced diet of healthy foods. Sure, both will ease your hunger (for a bit, at least). But long-term the big Mac will hurt you while the salad and veggies will make you healthier from the inside out.

Can I use VIVID instead of the lotion my tattoo artist recommended for aftercare?

We cannot recommend using VIVID in the immediate post-tattoo phase.

During this time of healing, you need to listen to your tattoo artist and follow their instructions to a T.

Is the formula suitable for vegans?

Yes, absolutely!

VIVID is 100% vegan as well as cruelty free, paraben free, petroleum free and reef friendly.

I’m a tattoo artist and love your product. Can I order wholesale?

Yes, please fill out the form on this page and a team member will be in contact with you!

Are there free samples?

We currently don’t offer free samples of VIVID. 

However, we do have a 100% satisfaction guarantee which means in the unlikely event that you don’t love VIVID, just send us the bottle back and we’ll give you a 100% refund of every last cent you paid.