Our mission at Sleek Ink is to provide the absolute highest quality tattoo aftercare product to make your tattoos pop with sharpness, color, and vibrancy. Healthy skin means longer lasting and vivid tattoos.

Our co-founder, Johnny, spent the first 3 decades of his life dealing with horrific skin issues (eczema). He went from dermatologist to dermatologist and unfortunately, none of their treatments relieved his eczema.

While in law school, his eczema problem reached a new low…

Because of stress, lack of sleep, and the typically bad diet of a student, his eczema flared up and caused horrible breakouts. 

“It was just miserable. When it’s real bad, you can’t sleep. Every time you touch it, it’s like an electric shock.”

That’s when Johnny started studying and creating natural skincare formulations. Not because he wanted to become a cosmetics titan - simply because he needed a solution to his crippling skin condition. 

Johnny’s mission to heal his skin conditions evolved into the creation of this all-natural and healthy product for many people. Today, his skin is better than ever - in part, thanks to the incredible and long-lasting benefits of these natural compounds. (Johnny is also founder of the skincare company Noble Body.)

In 25+ years of, diligent experimentation, you better believe he’s learned a thing or two about formulating these natural-oil formulas.

Those years of testing are what make VIVID Tattoo Oil such a great product. We truly believe it’s vastly superior to anything else currently on the market to maintain healthy, sharp, and vibrant tattoos.

Johnny spent more than 2 years testing and refining the all-natural VIVID formula before bringing it to market. It underwent countless tests on himself, family members, friends and a group of his loyal customers.

Thanks to all this research and testing, we can say with 100% certainty that VIVID Tattoo Oil is the best natural-oil formula you’ve ever used.

It will add an incredible shine and sharpness to your tattoos and it will improve the overall health of your skin.

Let’s face it: Any old moisturizer may improve the appearance of your tattoos in the very short-term.

But long-term improvements in color and vibrancy? Those are harder to come by.

Long-term improvements in your tattoos’ appearance requires inside-out skin health - Not just putting a band-aid over unhealthy skin (i.e. what lotions do).

We know it’s hard to believe. (Frankly, we don’t expect you to believe any of our claims until you try VIVID and see the results for yourself.)

We know you get bombarded by “too good to be true” marketing messages all the time.

That’s why we’re in no rush to persuade you.

All we ask is that you keep an open mind to using natural oils as part of your daily skincare routine.

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