What Your Tattoo Placement Reveals About the Tattoo’s Meaning and Your Personality

It’s not random. The placement of your tattoo says a lot about your personality.

Every tattoo carries deep emotional and personal meaning. But the meaning of your tattoo also goes far beyond what the tattoo is. 

The placement of the tattoo is just as important, if not more so. The body part you decide to get inked on gives an extra layer of meaning to your tattoo. 

Read on to find out what your tattoo’s placement says about its meaning and your personality. 


A tattoo at the front or side of the neck will always be exposed, no matter what clothing you put on. It’s for the world to see.

Commonly referred to as “Job Stoppers”, neck tattoos are considered taboo and are still unacceptable at most workplaces.

Which is why getting a neck tattoo is a big, life-altering decision. 

People with neck tattoos have a rebellious streak and believe in carving out their own path. They don’t care about the social consequences or being judged. They’ll always stand out from the crowd. 

However, since it’s always exposed, the skin on your neck is extremely prone to age and sun damage. So if you’ve got a neck tattoo, it’s important for you to take extra care of your tattoo to prevent it from fading.


Your back is your biggest canvas for self-expression. Back tattoos are generally larger, more intricate, and artistic in nature.

But they’re not something you can directly look at. That is why when it comes to back tattoos, people often focus more on aesthetics over meaning.

However, a lower back tattoo carries different symbolism. Often referred to as the ‘tramp stamp’, this misunderstood tatted area reflects someone who is in touch with their sexuality and enjoys a hint of mystery. 

People with back tattoos are highly confident in their skin. They don’t shy away from revealing their tattoos.

And research shows that, of all the body parts, tattoos on the back are perceived to be the most attractive.


The chest is another big canvas where you can create intricate artwork and tell a deeper story.

Chest tattoos symbolize something of great importance and high sentimental value. They reflect the ideas and people close to your heart.

Among females, tattoos on the chest are most often symbols of love and affection. 

People with chest tattoos carry high self-belief and strive for a higher purpose in life.


The arms are the most common and versatile area for getting tattoos. They’re also very diverse in the meaning they carry.

Among men, arm tattoos are often a show of strength. They can do a very good job of highlighting a muscular physique.

Forearms might be the most popular spot for getting a tattoo these days. Forearm tattoos often symbolize something meaningful that acts as a self-reminder. They also reflect an idea you want to showcase to the entire world.

A half-sleeved tattoo or a tattoo on the upper arm reflects someone who wants to showcase his/her artistic side, yet appear ‘normal’ to the outside world. 

On the other hand, people with full sleeve tattoos don’t believe in holding back. They’re free spirits who seek freedom and make bold choices. They wear their heart on the sleeve, quite literally.


Your lower body is a very versatile area for getting inked. You could get a tiny and minimalist tattoo on your feet or create intricate and expansive artwork on your thighs. 

People with tattoos on the feet or ankle are usually reserved and discreet in their decisions. More common among girls, ankle or feet tattoos are easy to cover up. Which makes it a popular choice among introverts.

Calf tattoos tend to be more common among men than women. Often sported by people of athletic nature, calf tattoos are very easy to show off. Making it a favorite among people with muscular calves.

Rare among men, thigh tattoos reflect a person of sensual nature. Unlike the calves, tattoos on the thigh are a little hidden away. 

Tattoos higher up the thigh or on the hips can get fairly sexual in nature.  Not many people wind up seeing these tattoos, giving them a special meaning for those who do.

Always remember that the arms and legs are one of our most active (and exposed) body parts. They come in contact with a lot of surfaces and experience a lot of friction. So if you don’t take good care of your tattoos, they’ll fade and lose their vibrancy. 

It’s important that you keep your skin moisturized and protect your tattoo from premature fading. And for the love of God, please don’t use creams or oils loaded with toxic chemicals.

Find something like Sleek Ink’s VIVID Tattoo Oil that uses all-natural ingredients and nourishes your skin to restore your tattoo’s vibrancy.