"Much better than the lotion I was using!

I recently started using VIVID and I really like the product a lot! I prefer it to the lotion I was using before. 

VIVID keeps my skin moisturized longer and the colors in my tattoos pop much more. I also enjoy the subtle fragrance, It's long lasting but not overwhelming."

- James

"Vivid Tattoo oil is the best tattoo oil on the planet.

I have been using it for some time now and have never gotten so many complements on my tattoos.

It goes on real smooth and absorbs very quickly. I have never gotten any residue on my clothes.

One of the things that surprised me was the smell. I wasn’t expecting it to have any scent and I sure wasn’t expecting it to smell so good.

If you have tattoos that you want to keep looking new, or revive an older tattoo I would highly recommend Vivid Tattoo Oil. I know I will always have a bottle of it in my bathroom."

- Larry M.

“I use your product daily! Looks good when I first apply it and doesn’t feel heavy like some products do! I’m almost out of the first bottle I’ve bought! So I’ll be purchasing another one soon!”


“I love your product! My kids are always using it. It has definitely restored color in my old tattoos. And the new one I just got instead of putting A&D or any ointment on it I used the oil. It healed amazingly! I need to order more as it runs out too quickly in my house. I have 6 older kids and when they come to visit it's the first thing they grab. Used to be the first thing they did was open the refrigerator.”


“I enjoy your VIVID Tattoo Oil! It definitely keeps my tats looking fresh and it adds life to my older tattoos. I use it when I get out of the shower, works great! I like the fact it’s not too greasy,. Definitely an added part to my daily routine. Thanks for coming out with a good product! Looking forward to the new product you mentioned in your email. Thanks again! I would recommend this to a friend.”


“I recently had my tattoo touched up. After it completely healed, I began using your VIVID Tattoo Oil. I’ve applied it after moisturizer. I’m currently not using sunscreen as I have another new tattoo on the other arm healing so no sun for either right now.

I like this oil. It definitely seems to help moisturize and to keep my tattoo bold. It does appear that the colored part of my tattoo is slightly darker after using the oil.

I used a competing oil I had previously used and it did not seem to darken the tattoo to the same degree. Now, this is just my observation and could be due to a number of factors, and not the oil itself.

Overall, I like the consistency of the oil and the moisture and richness it brings to my tattoo.”